Friday, 5 May 2017

Sammakorn / ตลาดนัดสัมมากร Market

Sammakorn Market is a large area which is dedicated to 50% food and 50% to a Thai style Market. It is housed under a simple tinned structure and it can get a little crammed. So let's start with the food and what a pleasure it is to see so much under one roof - okay I might not be looking at the food to be prepared for the kitchen but I didn't have a kitchen at this point but my family were shopping for fresh food - and very nice it was too.

For me though I was lost with the choices - Sakoo Sai Mai / สาคูใส้หมู - even allowing me to have one whilst the rest were being packed.

Then there were the prawns - wow - I don't normally see them this size in our last local market.

There there was the fresh pineapple

and the cakes

and the roti sai mai was delicious (it always is)

the fresh bamboo and the bugs... After my fill was made I turned to what is called a 'flea market' - not a term to be used for all of the bits here 

- this shop was glamorous.Then this shop was cheap - well in fact a lot of the clothes were cheap...

Then there was Logan and his friends to play with...

Then I met Peter Rabbit and his friends.

Then origami shop - which I was dragged away from before I knew exactly what it was

and of course somewhere to buy a bag to put all your purchases in to take home with you.

But i guess not all the kids are interested in shopping.



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