Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Old Customs House

I visited The Old Custom House on 36 Charoen Krung in Bang Rak. Then I read this from a Bangkok Blogger - Richard Barrow - "the firemen and marine police have already moved out. They will start renovations next year to turn it into a hotel. So be quick if you want photos."

I was searching for some Street Art and I took the wrong road.

There is a wonderful building on the sides of the river.

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Take a trip on a motorbike taxi

The author of this post takes no responsibility for indicating that this is something that you must try whilst you are in Thailand.


if you need to weave through the traffic and get to that meeting?

if you promised that special person you would meet them for lunch?


be prepared to meet other people thinking the same thing 

they might be on the pavement?

they might just be ordering a coffee?

Look both ways when you cross the road...

but try it once...

Here's the cost of them...