Sunday, 28 October 2018

Bangpu Recreation

Bangpu สถานตากอากาศบางปู is somewhere we came to because there was an enormous lot of traffic - after we had visited ธรรมกตัญญู (เสียนหลอไต้เทียนกง) - which must be done.

The Bangpu Recreation is at the end of a long pier. This specific pier however is very long and there are a great number of seagulls flying overhead.

At one end there are also people selling food for you to feed them.

Someone also created a love heart of sticks in the water for the seagulls to sit on.

Getting to the end of the pier there was a very large restaurant - which was extremely popular - and we walked to the very end and chose not to eat there and ate elsewhere - Mae Cuisine.


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