Saturday, 1 April 2017

Take a river taxi

The river taxi might not be for everyone, in fact I can (without a doubt) say that it is not! For me however it is currently the way I get to work in the morning. So where does it go and how does it work? 


There are a number of places that there are stops along the khlongs in Bangkok and you you simply go there and wait for one. 

Here is a schedule.

Some places sell the tickets before you get on and some sell them on the boats 
- don't lose it.

There are two lines which - the Golden Mount Line and the Nida Line. I take the NIDA line each morning from Wat Sriboonreung (or Wat Sri Bunruang) and get off at Wireless Road.

"The Golden Mount Line runs from the Panfa Leelard Pier near the Democracy Monument and Khao San Road - to Pratunam Pier near Center World in Central Bangkok."
"The NIDA line runs from the NIDA/Wat Sriboonreung Pier in the East - to Pratunam Pier near Center World in Central Bangkok."

There are a number of things that I have learnt 
 1) Do what the staff managing the boats tell you to do.
 2) Be prepared to shuffle left and right when there are stops being made.

 3) You sit near a chord? Then pull it to stop the water splashing into the boat
 4) The noise is extreme - especially in the middle.

 5) It will smell
 6) Get up before your stop or the boat might not stop.

There are some great examples of street art along the sides of the khlongs - but these I will post later.

5) There are also a number of Wats along the sides of the river (see map above), I usually start my journey at War Sriboonreung - but this I will post later and I have not visited them all yet. 

Not sure about the pollution and the motors though...

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