Friday, 15 December 2017

Bang Rak Chinese Shrine - ศาลเจ้าเจียวเองเบี้ยว

Bang Rak Chinese Shrine - ศาลเจ้าเจียวเองเบี้ยว  is somewhere that I came across when I as traveling to the Chao Phyra River.

As I was getting off the MRT I noticed that there was a Chinese Shrine in the heart of Bangkok. I slowly walked in - it was certainly a traditional Chinese Shrine as there were people at a table outside reading what I think were Chinese Newspapers.

The courtyard was large and the temple inside looked very dark - stepping in very carefully over the threshold I entered inside - it was peaceful inside.

The sun came into the Shrine in some places and created some beautiful effects - and then people came into the shrine to make a blessing and I had to stop.

The widow looked wonderful.

A wonderful Chinese shrine to visit...

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