Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Yaowarat Road

Yaowarat Road was a place that I was drawn to to celebrate Chinese New Year and then for a Walking Tour through Bangkok.

It is a beautiful mass of Chinese Culture and worth wandering along and please remember to respect their culture. 

There are certainly a number of interesting places to visit off the main Yaowarat Road but that is for another blog but Yaowarat Road can be referred to as the 'main artery' of ChinaTown.

Yaowarat Road is a wonderful place to visit and is a myriad of so much of the Chinese culture to be found in Bangkok BUT we unfortunately still see 'Shark Fin' for sale.

The plethora of food on the side of the road is immense. This crispy pork was a wonderful bite to eat as I walked through.

But this did not beat the noodles that I had later from a street stall around China Town Gate

And there always characters to see when you are walking - certainly worth a visit.

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