Saturday, 22 September 2018

A Weekend in Saraburi


Saturday morning and we set off after breakfast. 

Stop 1: Wat Bang Kahn - this was a Wat by the side of the road, just a quick visit because there was an initiation here for a monk, location:

Stop 2: Wat Phra Dhammakaya - this certainly is an impressive 'site'. It is temple representing the Dhammakaya Movement, which means that it is no strictly Buddhist, there are a lot of controversies regarding it as well, location:

Personally I think they should have fixed the broken floating lotus?

Stop 3: National Geological Museum - with a special for dinosaurs - a lot of fun, especially if that is what you are looking for, location:

Stop 4: Kao Kang Baan Suan - for a quick bite, the Issan sausage was dreadful but the fresh cakes were lovely, location: 

Stop 5: Wat Phraphuttachai - strangely this is the same name as Stop 11 - an impressive place on the top of the hill, very busy, location:

Stop 6: Wat Phra Buddhabat - a large Wat, a reclining Buddha, rock with the shape of the Buddha on it and more, location:

Stop 7: Rai Kusuma Resort (ไร่กุสุมา รีสอร์ท) - this was where we were staying the night - we paid more for this fabulous view, location:

Stop 7: Ndol Streamside Thai Villas - quite a nice place for dinner, location:

Stop 8: Chet Sao Noi Waterfall National Park - we did not enter here because it was deserted - but we found a Shrine opposite it - entering and going up the stairs but there was a dog!, location:

Stop 9: วดเจรญธรรม - following a long road and at the end there is a new Wat being built - but this might not be right.

Stop 10: สำนักแม่ชีไทย - off the road and the details on the side indicated that is a a retreat of some sort, not sure, location:

Stop 11: Wat Phra Phutthachai - strangely this is the same name as Stop 5? -this is quite an extensive location - with a rock wrapped by a rock, a golden footprint and more, a popular Wat, location:

Stop 12: Wat Pa SawangBoon - wow - 500 golden stupa surrounding, Buddha monuments, Recining Buddha and more, location:

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