Saturday, 3 November 2018

Walking Routes in Bangkok - dolls and more

Stop 1: Witthayu Pier - a small pier for the river taxi on Wireless Road - a place to watch the boats speed up and down, or watch the sleeping?

Stop 2: L'Angollo Cafe - a great cafe on the corner of Wireless Road and Phetchauri Road, they have a great selections of coffee here 

Stop 3: Talad Neon Night Market - unfortunately during the day there is not a lot there apart from the row of tents 

Stop 4: Chinese Shrine - next to the Berkeley Hotel (Pratunam), a pleasure finding places like this

Stop 5: The alleyways were twisting and turning and there were more lanes here than what was on the map! 

Stop 6: Coffee Color Cafe -  a colourful cafe I passed after all those twists and turns - I popped in on the way back as well...

Stop 7: Bangkok Dolls was successfully reached - despite being guarded by a dog further up the road, a wonderful find if it interests you!!! 

Stop 8: Pratunam Market - a great market which just seems to get bigger when you are inside - prepared to be there a while - I was and most of the time was trying to get out!

Stop 10: ร้านลาบ ท่าเรือประตูน้ำ - a small restaurant slightly raised but next to the Khlong and Pratunam Pier - a great place for a bite to eat, certainly worth stopping here, outside but not crammed 

Stop 11: Pratunam Pier and the river taxi is my way back to where I started, still use the river taxi as a great means to get around Bangkok

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