Monday, 27 June 2016

Wat Koh Kaew - Ayutthaya

Wat Koh Kaew (วัดเกาะแก้ว) is a Wat which we visited on our trip to Ayutthaya and is sometimes referred to as the Monastery of the Crystal Island and is still an active temple in Ayutthaya in the Kramang Sub-District. 

BUT as I write this I find there are other temples in Ayutthaya with the same or similar names? There is a Wat Koh Kaew in Phuket...

A wonderful description can be found here.

I was simply taken by the simple beauty of it all 

and it was clear that it was steeped in history - a wonderful place.

We found a much more than we imagined.

Ayutthaya was certainly a place to visit if you want to visit any number of temples.


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