Saturday, 27 April 2013

Bungy Jumping

I wonder why this video is unavailable?
Okay now this is something that you may want to try but in Phuket?

BUT there are a number of places that you can visit and people will arrange this for you - i would rather play with Jemma's Lego and a plethora of other things...

But if you must - Jungle Bungy and Phuket Bungy 

Which one had the accident?

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Cashew Nut Factory

This is usually something which is offered by the taxi drivers which are scattered throughout Phuket as part of their tour around Phuket.

 There are more than two places to visit where these delicious treats can be found - my choice was Methee because it was in Phuket Old Town.

What did I see which was off interest whilst I was there? Did you know that the cashew nuts were originally all broken in half by this machine and each machine had one controller - they did put on a little show for me as to how the machine works.

I am not really sure that it would be classed as a Factory but what the heck the cashew nuts in chilli were the best ever - aroi.

Website: (not really)
Phone Number: 076 219 624
Address: 9 Tilak - Uthint2 Rd. Muang, Phuket Town
Hours: Mon - Fri: 08:30 - 19:30 
The price for entry is; Free

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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Phuket Town Local Market - an introduction

The Local market is somewhere everybody should visit - it is adjacent to the hub of Phuket Town and can be reached by the Local buses and the Pink buses. So what is the market - too many things to explain but it 

The local market was rebuilt in the same place as the original market - which was an open aired market and certainly not for the Health Inspector or the squeamish but it was always bustling with the Local People.

The building that the market is in is more than just a market (there are four floors) -  there is a car park on top of it and on the very top is where they let off the fireworks in the previous Por Tor Ceremony - great fun. As an aside I met Jamie up here on the last Ceremony...

There are always a plethora of motorbike taxis and buses and people - it is a wonderful place bustling with so many things. At one end of the road are two wonderful Chinese Shrines - Jui Tui  and Pud Jow (worth a visit). 

Then are a handful of Vegetarian Restaurants at this end of the road as well - don't forget that there is also the Thai Airways Office there as well - with the Sino Portugese building as well. Cheap beer is available opposite this office at Phuket Backpacker Hotel - also serving as a good meeting place.

So what will you see if you choose to visit the Market - soooo much to see, so I have divided this into sections.

Postings to be written and / or posted already

 1) Coconuts
 2) Curry pastes
 3) Galangal vs. Ginger
 4) Outside the market
 5) Flowers 
 6) Fruit
 7) Meat and Seafood
 8) the 'traditional market' opposite

There are many reasons to make a visit and if you need to wait for a bus you can always pop into coffee max on the roundabout.

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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Phuket Philatelic Museum

We were here purely because Chuen (my wife and Jemma's mum) was having her haircut around the corner.

We had visited here previously and we were not impressed but as things do change we chose to visit here again.

There was a display of postage around the close Asian vicinity - Malaysia, China etc. So there was some change.

Dawn in Phuket has written the best review about the Phuket Philatelic Museum - even including some photographs of what it looked like previously - worth a look if you are interested.

Jemma loved to open all the windows that were on the display and she was excited to use a typewriter, a telephone, a two way radio and more.

Would I go? Yes but please do not expect everything that would be seen as ordinary in a Western Museum - there is still a way to go - but sometimes the museum is simply full of distractions. The Phuket Philatelic Museum needs quite a degree of input by the adult to make it a place children would want to return to.

It does have a potential however... maybe I should make a children's activity guide?


Website: non to my knowledge
Email: none
Phone Number: none
Address: Phuket Town - see map
Hours: Mon - Fri: 08:30 - 16:30 
The price for entry is; Free

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Friday, 12 April 2013

Phuket Indy Market

We visited Phuket Indy Market because we were in Phuket Town for the start of the Chinese Festival

The Indy Market has been running for approximately two or three years, I don't know I am not sure, we did visit previously but it now seems to be a very smooth operation and the focus of them is clearly the 14 year olds and up and it is very successful.

I do not know what was not available for sale here - apart from NO alcohol and cigarettes.

So what was there - i took some photographs? Do you want to buy a hat, have your nails done, eat some street food, buy a hamster (we did), paint a toy, buy some second hand shoes - the list is enormous.

It was a lovely experience - the ambience was wonderful - whether it was because there was no smoking and drinking alcohol allowed and the Wi-Fi was free?

Open on Thursday and Fridays in the evenings - from about 4 pm...

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Saturday, 6 April 2013

Wat Kajorn - Chedi

This is a place which I stumbled upon because I missed a local bus whilst waiting for the local bus...

This little walk was a small diversion from what I normally do which is visiting the Chinese Shrines (Pud Jow and Jui Tui) at the top of the road or sit in the coffee shop on the corner - Coffee Max.

The set up of a Wat was adjacent to Wat Kajorn Municipal School and I was able to hear all of the children in their lessons. I was a little puzzled as to why the actual Wat was closed and locked and I was unable to go inside - the Chedi looked great.

It was still a lovely place to visit (if it is convenient) like waiting for the bus?

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