Monday, 18 September 2017

Bangkok General Post Office ไปรษณีย์กลาง บางรัก

The General Post Office is a fascinating building - not all all what I expected.

"The General Post Office, also known as the Grand Postal Building, is a historic building in Bang Rak District of Bangkok. Built in 1940 on the former site of the British Legation, it was designed by architects Sarot Sukkhayang and Mew Aphaiwong in a mixture of Art Deco and International Style architecture which reflected the desire of the ruling People's Party to project a modern and powerful image of the state"
"The building is now being developed as the offices of the Thailand Creative & Design Center."

The building is clearly special but I am not sure what the ground floor (if at all) 

is used for and I did find a room where there was some Post Office staff.

On venturing past this I came across what reminded me of the Design Museum in the UK (some 30 years ago).  

It was certainly an interesting place.

I walked in and there was this display above and the staff were so welcoming I was quite taken.

There was the chance for a guided tour.

I made my way to the top in the lift and came across a coffee shop and a number of students - I felt really quite old.

The roof was then something quite special.

This was the view. There was an abundance of things to see and I would have to return to see it all - and the coffee was good...

Then there was a Stamp Market outside... 

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