Monday, 18 September 2017

Bangkok General Post Office ไปรษณีย์กลาง บางรัก

The General Post Office is a fascinating building - not all all what I expected.

"The General Post Office, also known as the Grand Postal Building, is a historic building in Bang Rak District of Bangkok. Built in 1940 on the former site of the British Legation, it was designed by architects Sarot Sukkhayang and Mew Aphaiwong in a mixture of Art Deco and International Style architecture which reflected the desire of the ruling People's Party to project a modern and powerful image of the state"
"The building is now being developed as the offices of the Thailand Creative & Design Center."

The building is clearly special but I am not sure what the ground floor (if at all) 

is used for and I did find a room where there was some Post Office staff.

On venturing past this I came across what reminded me of the Design Museum in the UK (some 30 years ago).  

It was certainly an interesting place.

I walked in and there was this display above and the staff were so welcoming I was quite taken.

There was the chance for a guided tour.

I made my way to the top in the lift and came across a coffee shop and a number of students - I felt really quite old.

The roof was then something quite special.

This was the view.

There was an abundance of things to see and I would have to return to see it all - and the coffee was good...

Then there was a Stamp Market outside... 

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Central Embassy

Central Embassy is an enormous place to go shopping and there are an enormous amount of very expensive shops.

Not sure which coffee shops I have visited there - Dean + Deluca is my personal choice...

I usually go thought there to get to Central Chidlom or visit the coffee shops, visit the clean toilets and worth a visit in the rain.

But they do have special displays on - SUPPORT, a painted jaguar and snowballs to name a few.

Amongst the list of places to visit there is a Harrods and there are a great many more.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Ghost Tower

The Ghost Tower has been recently the focus of a Thai horror movie and there is a story behind the fact that this building was built at enormous expense but never reached completion.

The Ghost Tower Has a great deal of writing about it - but here is a recent article about it's history - and then the talk that it is actually built on land where the dead were buried....(10 creepy facts) - then the suicide...

Image courtesy of #Instagram and doyoutravel

But then people tend to go up there - bribing the security and the junkies on the first floor.