Monday, 22 October 2018

Wat Sri Suphan

Wat Sri Suphan (or the Silver Temple / วัดศรีสุพรรณ) is somewhere we stumbled upon when we visited the Saturday Night Market.

Wow - this shiny temple was a very real fascinating find at the end of the market that we were shopping in.

Following the signs I came across a small Wat which was completely made in metal, on reading more about it I discovered that it was originally made in the 1500's and then alterations were made by the local silversmiths.

There are a great many figurines, sculptures and carved stories inside 

and outside the Wat. BUT it is an ordination temple so women are not allowed inside.

There is a Ganesh outside as well.

Outside there are other Wats which are also worth visiting but admittedly this is the main attraction.

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