Friday, 6 July 2018

Hokkien Chinese Cemetery

This Hokkien Chinese Cemetery was  somewhere that I had read about in Jim Algie's - Bizarre Thailand and was near the Office so I looked for it...

I found a door, but it was locked. 

Giving up I took the sky train and looking out of the window caught a glimpse. But I returned another day to take a video - this was that day.

This was not somewhere for everybody - this was an original burial site for the Chinese who live here in Thailand and please pay respects if you enter because there are still people who come to pay respect to their buried ancestors.

In fact I have since read this article in Bangkok 101. The land owners recognise that the value of the land is enormous and are offering money to the families to relocate and half of them have but the many of the remaining believe that the success of their business is because of the fengshui at the land.

There were a lot of parked cars at the front of the cemetery and I understand that this is parking for the company next door to use. 

It was certainly an powerful place to visit.

But a little overgrown.

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