Friday, 30 November 2012

Big C

Big C is between Central Festival and Tesco Lotus and next to Phuket International Hospital - it is a long and busy road but you are able to walk from end to end if you really want to BUT crossing the road can sometimes be a little difficult.

Big C is essentially a big shopping supermarket and it can be cheaper than other places near by.

Inside Big C there are a plethora of different things to do;

 1) A very large children's ball room (downstairs).

 2) A number of places that can 'fix' your telephone (downstairs).

3) Bits and pieces for your little one or someone who needs Angry Birds something.

4) Or that pink bag...

A treasure trove

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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Khao Kham Panwa Buddhist park

This is a place that I visit with my family because it is close to our home.

The Khao Kham Panwa Buddhist park is only a park at the moment and they are collecting money to make it into an Educational Centre I believe. So our family takes regular donations to the monk for this to be developed.

The development is progressing slowly and there are improvements which are noticeable each time that we visit. If you are this way then it is certainly worth popping in and please leave something for them to continue.

Peace is found here and a wonderful monk. 

Saturday, 24 November 2012

King Crossbreed - Tropical fish and more

You may find this interesting but I would classify this as a place more 'different' than places that you normally expect to visit on your visit to Phuket, Thailand.

We came across 'Crossbreed' when I needed to visit Coffee Ice and Jeng Ong Chinese Shrine.

Crossbreed is an enormous Aquarium Shop where you are able to purchase Tropical fish and inside there are a plethora of them BUT I was not allowed to enter in to take a photograph.

BUT outside were these animals and I really have no idea why these animals were outside a Tropical Fish Aquarium - it was fun to look at though BUT why were these animals there?

Well it is another place to visit during some rain and you can always visit the Jeng Ong Shrine, Coffee Ice and the Phuket Butterfly Garden and Insect World?

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Making Flower Garlands in Phuket Town

So what do I know about these Flower Garland Arrangements?

Not a much would be the reality.

But I have did learn to make them whilst I was working for Cape Panwa Hotel.
Whilst in Phuket Town I met this lady and her son making them.

I will leave it for this wonderful blog to explain the nuances.
Check with your hotel if they have this activity?

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Sea Gypsy Cultural Centre - Koh Sirey

After a wonderful trip to Wat Koh Sirey we decided to drive around the island - we were under the impression that there was a superb Seafood restaurant close by...

We did not find it and ended up at The Westin Hotel for pizza.

But what we did find was this building. The official title to this collection of buildings is 
"The Cultural Center Sea Gypsy of Banlaemtukkae"

Interesting but it was empty (the picture above was opposite)... on returning home I searched for some information

It is to open later this year...
Will open this year...

but I am sorry to say this was our visit in May 2012

Update: This was a 2013 Newspaper Report

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Monday, 12 November 2012

Wat Khao Rang - Part Two

After visiting the temple on the left and walking up to the Golden Buddha you must now visit what is specifically Wat Thepkajonjit - simply walk out and turn left - it cannot be missed.

Wat Thepkajonjit is a magnificent Wat on the side of Rang Hill - it's beauty is impressive and if you go on a day when the light is on the golden tiles and the sky is blue your photographs will be magical.

As you approach the Wat you will be struck with the serenity of the location - one car drove past us in an hour and we met only two people (who did not take their shoes off, because - "the stone was too hot").

Next to the steps are two very impressive 'stone creations' which seem to be created from a child's nightmare - impressive and a little scary. I understand that this is to protect those that enter the temple? Then there is a more traditional Buddha.

The steps seem to be steep but it is worth making the effort. 

As I reached the temple at the top of the stairs I was surprised by the detail given to the figurines which surrounded the temple all perfectly created but all a little different.

I was unable to confirm that I had seen them at a Wat previously BUT I had seen them in a Chinese Shrine.

Phuket is a wonderful place to be...

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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Wat Thepkajonjit - Part One

This is a Wat which is not visited very often by the visitor to Phuket and I feel that it should be - but maybe it would not be so beautiful?

The Wat is on the road down from Tunka Hill Cafe and Rang Hill view and view.  The road is winding and is not always the easiest to drive down - but it is always worth it.

The temple that you first come upon is a temple that has visitors who come to meet the monks - we were there whilst a monk was beginning his prayers and the atmosphere was wonderful.  We walked through the Prayer Room of the temple and there were a great number of Buddhist statues which were all connected by the ubiquitous white thread.

Following the prayer session we walked outside where I was confronted by a model tiger who looked like he had just consumed an animal, after this I looked further and was surprised to find a Ganesha - a Hindu Elephant statue.

Phuket certainly is a myriad of religions.

After pausing at this statue we climbed up the stairs where we found a beautiful Golden Buddha - the spectacle was magnificent - it is certainly a must for a place to visit.

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