Thursday, 29 October 2015

Koh Yao Noi

Koh Yao Noi from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

Wow - we need to go back to Koh Yao Noi again and learn to fly the drone...

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Monday, 26 October 2015

Phuket Aquarium - Science & Nature Trail

This visit was purely to see what had happened to the Science and Nature Trail since we last visited in 2013.

It was lovely to see that there had been some investment in the Topic and the area had been tidied up. I still have that urge to write a guide to the Aquarium for school children to 'fill in the gaps'....

Don't forget there is a geocache back here...

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 1) October 2013 - science and nature trail
 3) September 2012 - dinosaurs
 4) June 2010


Phone Number: 076 391 126
Approximate price: adult = 200 Baht / 4-12 yrs = 100 Baht
Address: 51 Moo 8, Cape Panwa, Sakdidej Rd
Hours:  8:30 - 16:30

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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Dried fish markets...

Sweet dried fish with sesame seeds 
Dries fish markets are certainly not something for everyone but they are very conveniently located outside, all together and are certainly different!

The market we visited here was actually off Phuket Island - we had visited the Sarasin Bridge, visited some local temples and then we had had lunch at the Thanoon Seafood Restaurant.

 Dried Hoi?

'Pla Ching Chang' - Dragon fish
Dried Squid pieces
Dried Sting Ray

The shops were of Chinese Origin - it is clear with the small shrines placed out the back!

Mackerel in vegetable Oil
Thai Pla - preserved fish stomach and innards 
Tai Plah is used to make the famous super spicy Southern Thai curry dish, Gaeng Tai PlahTai Plah is made up of the fermented belly and intestines of small ocean fishes (usually pla thoopla sai or pla hed khon). The innards are marinated with sea salt, bottled and then set out in the sun to ferment for two to three days.
information from www.templeofthai 

But this is the most odd - whatever it is - it is put into old whisky bottles...

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

พระธาตุศรีสองรัก - Prathat Sri Song Rak (Loei)

พระธาตุศรีสองรัก is a Buddhist Temple that we visited whilst we were in Loei in 2014 for the Phi Ta Khon FestivalThere is a facebook pageHotels Thailand have it on a Google Page. And there is a little information on Wikipedia.

However I recently read that it was the most sacred temple here.

The bottom of the temple had the usual children sitting at the bottom of it with a number of sweets.

Then there was the OTOP foods - but I could not actually work out what this stuff was?

The walk up to the top was quite steep but I do not recall counting the stairs.

Up at the top we lit some of the candles and paid respect.

I am not sure why lady were not allowed in here though?

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Learn how to thread the flowers

Why are there people selling threaded flowers at so many of the road intersections throughout Phuket?

Well they are there selling the flowers to ensure that the travellers inside the car will expect the protection of 'Mae Yanang - The Goddess of Journeys'.

You may be approached when you stop your car but I do not know how much you should pay?

These type of flower garlands are called 'Uba's'. But they can become very ornate - so much so that I know we have had to send to Bangkok for some for a wedding.

So have a wander around Phuket and I am sure that you will find flower sellers to watch thread their flower blossoms very carefully.The local markets all have these places - Rung Market (behind Robinson's) is where I like to watch them early in the morning.I was able to do this, maybe the hotel that you choose will give you a lesson

I have previously written about the symbols on the inside roof of many of the taxis that you get - if of course they are Buddhist. The same symbols -'Yants' can also be seen tattooed on the necks of people who want some protection. 

These flowers are also seen on the prow of many of the fishing vesels that you will see in the ports of Phuket.

Friday, 2 October 2015

Sam Se Je Hud Chinese Shrine (ศาลเจ้าซำเซ้ จู้ฮุด เขารัง)

I have visited Sam Se Je Hud Chinese Shrine a number of times but they have not all been written about - for example the golden turtles anywhere else before?

Wonderful golden lions at the front of the shrine.

There is a man made waterfall behind and to the right.

You can reach the first part of the shrine over a bridge (if the gate is open)

Here are the standard figurines in the first part of the Shrine.

Then there is a corridor behind it (to the right and left).

There is a second part of the shrine behind the first one. There is a second shrine in construction above and to the right. 

There is a third part of the shrine outside to the right! I personally love to visit here so there will be a post on this one shrine.

Enjoy the Shrine and remember to respect it
- take off your shoes and leave a donation.

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 2) July 2013 
 3) Rang Hill visits (sometimes)


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