Monday, 20 August 2018

เมืองบาดาล วัดใต้น้ำ - Kanchanaburi

We took a trip to Kanchanaburi and one of our places to visit was เมืองบาดาล วัดใต้น้ำ and is recognised as part of Unseen ThailandIn the pouring rain this building was in the middle of rising water - it looked liked it peaked out of nowhere! 

We stepped out of the boat into low water. Immediately it was clear that this was certainly a special site - there were people selling animals to be released and other article for worship inside เมืองบาดาล วัดใต้น้ำ.

We walked in to the building past the place of respect outside

and into the one inside.

After paying respects inside we came out the other end.

We walked around the outside.

The water had begun to subside at the front and the bell was now uncovered.

Certainly an interesting place to visit.


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