Saturday, 17 March 2018

Red Cross Snake Farm

The Snake Farm in Bangkok is somewhere I can remember going about thirty years ago - imagine my trepidation when my daughter was interested to see some - especially after the disastrous Siam Serpentarium

The building was opened in 1913 and was known as the Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute. Following this the Royal Family became involved because the daughter of a Prince in Thailand died from rabies – the King supported a government institution researching into creating a vaccine for rabies and venomous snakes.

In 1917 it became the Pasteur Institute and the Red Cross Society took over the administrative duties.   Following the death of Queen Saovabha the King built a permanent memory to her and for it to be used for research in the field of research into medical science.

Apparently it was one of the World's first collections of poisonous snakes! 

Built in a French style is the much admired older buildings at the front.

But at the back was the farm - a little rundown - but you were not here to see the building it was the snakes!

And snakes there certainly were - it was a small area to walk in - wandering around took about half an hour - but we spent about an hour!

Then it was into the building at the back for the snake exhibition 

- information and skeletons...

Then it was time for the show - wow and more wow

It is certainly worth visiting if you are in Bangkok and have an interest in this sort of thing – for more information please click here -

Phone Number:  02 252 0161-4

TripAdvisor: - Red Cross Snake Farm
Approximate Price: $$$$$
Address:  Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute, 1871 Rama 4 Rd
Hours:  9am - 3:30pm (weekends 1pm)


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