Thursday, 1 June 2017

Platinum Fashion Mall Market

Platinum Fashion Mall is certainly somewhere to visit if you like to go shopping for some clothes. We go here for clothes for our daughter - and there is a great amount of choice. 

In fact there are 5 floors of things to go shopping for - which is more than enough.

Well what do they sell? Well so much I can hardly begin to start.

The Platinum Fashion Mall is an enormous building which seems to go on forever in each direction.

There are small 'booths' selling the clothes and I was surprised at the amount of different clothes that they had on sale. We did not find the 'label' clothes and I have a feeling that this was not the right place.

I did think that the model with this was a little 'exaggerated' and then I wonder who actually buys this underwear? OR have I never... 

There was other things for sale as well - a bit strange.

We got here by taking the river taxi to Pratunam which is also another enormous shopping mall to got to - but that's another day...

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