Thursday, 27 June 2013

Sea Gypsy Centre - Koh Sirey - an Update?

Update: This was a June 2013 Newspaper Report

After a wonderful trip to Wat Koh Sirey we decided to drive around the island - we were under the impression that there was a superb Seafood restaurant close by...

We did not find it and ended up at The Westin Hotel for pizza.

But what we did find was this building. The official title to this collection of buildings is 
"The Cultural Center Sea Gypsy of Banlaemtukkae"

Interesting but it was empty (the picture above was opposite)... on returning home I searched for some information

It is to open later this year...
Will open this year...

but I am sorry to say this was our visit in May 2012

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Friday, 21 June 2013

Latex Pillow Shopping

Sorry I know more about jewellery than I know about Latex but I get a lot of questions regarding where to go for this.

ionatural is in Phuket - an interesting site with some information
Royalatexphuket - was the first I got on return to a google but they are in Pattaya?

So Wikipedia it is

There are a number of places on the island who will deliver to your hotel - but I saw a sign in the local village that they have them for sale there now. 

Does anyone believe in Latex?

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Wat Phra Nang Sang - Part Two

With so much to see I decided to divide this posting into two 
- here is the link to Part One.

After finding the tribute to the Heroines we decided to look further to the back - at the back they seemed to be building more temples and two Yaks.  What was surprising for me though was that these Yaks carried automatic machine guns...

Then there were the Murals of the Lord Buddha's life around the inside of a temple.

We wandered further and found that there was a temple which had the more traditional Buddhist statues covered in gold leaf. In this same temple was also the traditional paintings of a Buddhist story - unfortunately I was unable to take photographs of them all because of some construction.

I then climbed up to the top of a new construction and was drawn to the temple in the centre of the Wat - it was a square and was surrounded by a large snake figurine - wonderful. We investigated this area and found that it was actually the main temple which was surrounded by the dragon and below this where standing Buddha figurines.

There were Buddhist figurines scattered through this temple.

So much to see...
and more I did not understand - the Legend...


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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

20 Baht shop

I am sorry that I had to include this in a list of places to go shopping - but it does so much remind me of the shops that were springing up around the London area in the United Kingdom when I lived there 15 years ago.

But here everything is 20 Baht.

Not sure that there is anything that I would want though - much like those similar 99 pence shops in the UK. Do they still exist?

Then I returned the next week and it had gone...
so no map and details for this one

Sunday, 9 June 2013

23 hour petrol stations

Yes this will happen to you - you are 'put put' along and suddenly you realise that you did not rent your motorcycle with it's fuel full...

OR you car is nearly empty and you are not going to get back.

So where do you go? - there is a petrol station which stays open 23 hours 
1:00 - 24:00

This is in the centre of Phuket Town opposite Wat Puttamongkorn / Soi Rommani and next to a coffee shop....

Well there are a number of other places which do sell a measure if they are open but they look like this...

Monday, 3 June 2013

Go Geo-Caching

planking at Cape Panwa
So what is Geo-Caching - I can turn you to the site but my explanation to my family was searching for hidden things using the iPad / iPhone. These 'things' are scattered anywhere that it is chosen by the person who hides the item.

Then you find it!

This all began after Paul and Ann, a couple who had been coming to Cape Panwa for a number of times to get married. We chatted over a number of things which you normally do and we came upon this very strange Activity - Geo-Caching.

They introduced it to me and I tried it in Australia with my family, had fun and then turned to Phuket...

So where are they near me?