Thursday, 4 October 2018

Phetchaburi for the weekend

Phetchaburi for the weekend was certainly a fun weekend with the family. This is where we went - amongst other places but the battery ran out and sometimes there was no signal. An early start trying to escape from the Bangkok traffic was necessary!

It was a lovely journey after we left Bangkok.

Stop One: Wiwak Lam Nao Prai Bureau of Monks สำนักสงฆ์วิเวกลำเนาไพร - - this was a large are where there were two Buddhist monuments, a large lake of fish and more, worth a visit.

Our Hotel: Baan Maka Nature Lodge - - a wonderful hotel for nature and specifically bird lovers.

Stop Two: Kaeng Krachan Dam View Point จุดชมวิวเขื่อนแก่งกระจาน - - a grey day today.

Stop Three: Suspension Bridge, Kaeng Krachan สะพานแขวนแก่งกระจาน - - a long suspension bridge but you are unable to reach the island...

Time for coffee: Craft Coffee + Cook - - a comfortable place for a coffee.

Stop Four: Ban Krang Camp (บ้านกร่างแค้มป์) - - a wonderful National Park with a plethora of butterflies, but we were too late to go up the hill.  

Stop Five: Wat Nong Puen Taek วัดหนองปืนแตก - - an impressive monument built by the side of the road and the Wat.

Time for Lunch: Wiroj Kaeng Krachan Rot Ded วิโรจน์แก่งกระจานรสเด็ด - - a local restaurant with a great view.

Stop Six: Chang Hua Man Royal Project - - a lovely area with some fresh food to purchase.

Stop Seven: Phra Nakhon Khiri (Khao Wang) - - an incredibly large area with buildings of Historical and Cultural significance, reached by a cable car and on top of the hill.

Stop Eight: Saiyat Buddhist Temple วัดพระพุทธไสยาส - - a peaceful Wat with a Reclining Buddha.

Stop Nine: Wat Khoi - - a Buddhist Temple.

Stop Ten: Tham Khao Luang Cave ถ้ำเขาหลวง - a wonderful 'cave of a thousand wonders' - beautiful.

  Here's a compilation video of many of the places we visited.

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