Sunday, 24 October 2010

Dino Park

"Daddy - want go see dinosaurs and golf"

Dino Park is our choice of destination today.

My daughter is three and this place is high on her priorities along with the elephants, monkeys and gibbons - but not quite as high as the butterflies and NO i am not trying to teach her to play golf - i even refuse the score cards but the cold towels are a nice gesture.

To pay when you get there I think that it was 240 Baht for an adult and 180 for a child but forgot to write this down - guess we'll have to go again, my daughter won't mind. 

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Monday, 4 October 2010

Phuket Shooting Range - animals, machines and GUNS

There are a plethora of activities at the Phuket Shooting Range - where do I start?

The Monkey Show is ......... a monkey show, not my choice personally but my daughter loved it - but 50 Baht for one banana was a bit steep I thought.

The Elephant Trek was wonderful - through the grounds at the back, we had a lovely mahout who made a straw grasshopper for my daughter.

The Go-Kart was busy but the Paintball was very quiet.

The Guns were loud at Phuket Shooting range. We did not have a go but this family did have a go - and they loved it!!

The Cobra show was apparently available but i declined on that one, there was also Archery and more, Kinaree House was closed (22 September 2010) but we did go to the Green Man next door for lunch - blog to follow.....

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Saturday, 2 October 2010

Amulet alley in Phuket Town

There is a tiny alley between Phang Nga Road and Rassada Road which is always fascinating - there are always a row of happy men and women sitting with a tray of Buddhist amulets.

In front of these people are other people looking through small magnifying glasses at the amulets. There is a lovely description and interview of a vendor here - please have a look.

But if you ever visit it is a lovely place to visit - but please always pay respect to the images.

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