Monday, 16 April 2018

King Prajadhipok Museum

The King Prajadhipok Museum is somewhere which I would not have recognised without my  Museum Card. The museum is dedicated to the life of Thailand's King Rama VII with exhibits on his political and personal life.

It was a collection of pieces of his live before and after he was made King. I understand that he was not understood to be king and was going to Eton College in the UK and was originally going to be in the military.

King VI died suddenly (in 1925) with no heirs which meant that King Prajadhipok (as a cousin and the last born son of King Rama V) would be made King. There are actually three floors dedicated to this King and it is worth spending a little time reading about King Rama VII - who was apparently in favour of a constitutional government.

BUT this was not accepted by some officials and a coup was forced upon him (in 1932) and with his status being removed he returned to England in 1935.

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