Sunday, 11 March 2018

Loha Prasart (Buddhist Complex)

Loha Prasart (โลหะปราสาท, วัด​ราชนัดดารามวรวิหาร) is somewhere which is ​quite spectacular. 

The Loha Prasat is a metal castle with its 37 spikes within a Buddhist Complex.

"Loha Prasat, which means iron castle or iron monastery (โลหะปราสาท), is composes of five towers, of which the outer, middle and the center tower contain large black iron spires. The 37 virtues that are required to reach enlightenment are signified by 37 black metal spires. The 36 m high multi-tiered structure consists 3 levels, the bottom one has 24 spires, the middle one 12 and the top level has 1 spire." - wikipedia

There is a great beauty to this place - there is only one of these types of castle left in the whole world.  

The complex is quite extensive and the castle was the focus today. The castle is certainly impressive and if you want to enter.

there is a small entry fee. The floors inside have a great amount of detail that you may want to read about the history of the castle.

The wall are also lined with a number of Buddhist statues.

Then you reach the top and are able to walk out on to the top  - it is all really quite breathtaking.

Then you can take a look across Bangkok city - fabulous.

I have visited her more than once

and the Golden Mount is just a short distance away - grab yourself a coffee on the hill at Golden Mount Coffee.


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