Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Bangkok Art and Culture Center

Bangkok Art and Culture Center (BACC) was a place that I walked past when I was visiting somewhere else - not that I can remember where at this time though...

Here is some background of the property on the website - but could find nothing mentioned about the hiccup mentioned in the App I was using - Bangkok City Walks.

It was quite a surprise as I came upon it - on the crossroads which I was trying to traverse and I went up to take a photo of the street graffiti by Alex Face. So on entering I did not know quite what to expect and wow - it was almost like I was in a Design museum in the UK.

After looking at the design of the museum on the Website I only think I did 50% because I was so busy going somewhere else. I had a wonderful time - I will certainly have to go back again. So what do I recall of my quick visit?

The mask exhibition was my favorite - the colors and the vibrancy were wonderful here. I could have stayed in here for much, much longer...

Then there was the great number of little shops for you to buy something in - all very interesting.

Book Shops

Ice Cream Shops

and so much more...

Then there were a number of more displays along the circular corridor around the levels in the building - but I think that I only managed 4 levels? 

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