Sunday, 27 October 2013

Robinsons Department Store

Coffee Lovers has since moved from the side of Robinsons
This is an a 'old style' shopping mall - 5 floors. 

There is a cinema across the road and taxis surround you - at the back is a Fresh Food Market open at approximately 5 am!

There are also banks, a bakery, a supermarket, fast food, cheap shopping, toy shop and more so it's not a bad place to visit. The larger places like Tesco, Central and Big C are the biggest draw for many but I like the atmosphere in Phuket Town so far rather go here.

I always pop into the Cheap DVD shop outside and now there is a Cheesecake Shop which I think will get a few more visits from me.

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Monday, 21 October 2013

Bang Neow Chinese Shrine (Fortune Telling Sticks – Kau Cim)

This is a fortune telling practice that originated in Chinese Buddhism - the practice is often performed in a Taoist or Buddhist temple in front of an altar. Kau Cim is often referred to as Chien Tung or Chinese Fortune Sticks by westerners.

This is a usually a wooden tube with numbered sticks placed inside. After lighting incense, making an offering, and praying, the seeker could ask a question, shake the bamboo container, and choose the one that has fallen out.

The stick would then direct the shaker to the answer. Each of the sticks has written on it the number of a chapter and verse from the Buddhist scriptures OR refer to one of these drawers to open. 

A temple priest could also be consulted for the answers, or the seeker could read directly from the corresponding scripture; interpretation might be needed to comprehending the answer however.

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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Weekend Market - Personal Aggression

I always like to visit the Weekend Market because there is always something different that I find. In the same breadth I do not know whether it would be  a good idea to go to Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok because it has at least 5 times as many stalls!!!!

The post today is about the articles of Physical Aggression which you are able to purchase here - I am mildly shocked that nothing is done about these items for sale

Be that as it may I do not think that you will have the permission to buy one of these items and taking in your luggage and certainly not your hand luggage!


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The Weekend market opposite Wat Naka is open from 16:00 until 10:00 each Saturday and Sunday.

The number of different items for sale are enormous and I have blogged about this previously but on reflection I think that it may be easier to look at the types of thing for sale here. I have started a list.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Po Ta To Sae Chinese Shrine

This Chinese Shrine is on the hill in Phuket Town called - Telegraph Hill - we have visited previously but this is a good place to go and feed the wild monkeys!!!

Well so we thought!

There were a lot of people running - up and down the hill but not on the specially constructed 'Fitness Park' pieces. There were also a great deal of dogs loose at the bottom of the hill as well which meant that there were less monkeys until we reached nearer the top.

The Po Ta To Sae Chinese Shrine is approximately half way up the hill and is nearly opposite the Green Forest Restaurant - we always pop in for a drink because the view is spectacular.

The Chinese Shrine has not been finished since the last time we visited so I was only able to take photographs of older pieces (and not repainted).

Don't forget to visit Wat Chaoroen Samankit on the way down either.

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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Science and Nature Trail (Phuket Aquarium)

We live in the South of Phuket so the Phuket Aquarium is extremely convenient for us!

We like to go through the Phuket Aquarium and out the other side and them join the Science and Nature Trail.

We walk along this route and this takes us to where they breed turtles and where they keep Turtles which have been maimed whilst living in the sea. Imagine our surprise when.