Thursday, 6 October 2016

Wat Thammarakit - Ayutthaya

Wat Thammarakit is another temple in Ayutthaya which had been rebuilt twice - the last time some of the the Burmese apparently started to melt some of the Buddha monuments for the precious metals. This is a great site for more information.

Wow - another place which is beautiful. There is actually a reclining Buddha inside of the buildings so it is worth taking a wander throughout the buildings.

Then there was the LED lighting surrounding some of the monuments - strangely serene and beautiful.

There was also a PC - but I did not know what was going on. 

Then we were received by a monk - this was certainly the place that we were supposed to be...

We purchased some roof tiles and marble floor for the rebuilding of the temple - it did feel good.

Then there were the beautiful gardens.

Then some of the temples had the 'Naga' staircases -  don't think that they are the originals though?

Not sure of the title to this - but it was calming...

The Buddha's footprint to ask for a blessing. Ayutthaya is certainly a beautiful place to visit if you want to visit some temples - this was our trip.

Wats we visited
 1) Wat Koh Kaew 
 3) Wat Phanancheong (วัดพนัญเชิงวรวิหาร)
 6) Wat Thammarakit (วัดธรรมิกราช)

Panoramio and Google map

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