Sunday, 20 July 2014

Nail Art and more (Central Festival)

Nail Art is something that I am not well versed in but I do know that there are a plethora of nails to choose from here. Apparently this is is the thing to experiment with?

There certainly is a large choice.

This outlet can be found on the top floor of the Shopping Mall called Central Festival, (here's a review by Sam) I also understand that this is not the only place which offers this. Central Festival opens at 11 am if you are interested to visit here. 

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Monday, 14 July 2014

Kiew Tian Keng Chinese Shrine

Kiew Tian Keng Chinese Shrine was (when I first wrote this blog) a small quiet Chinese Shrine at the South end of the island in Sapan Hin.

Since I wrote this I have found out that Sapan Hin is a thriving community and is embraced by all the local people - then it is where the finale of the Vegetarian Festival is, popular for food fairs, a Chinese Shrine Tour and even once a year is part of a Motorsport Rally!

The beauty of may of these Chinese Shrines is the upkeep of them - they are always being tended when I visit. Actually the only time I see the dirt is when the figures are returned to the Shrines after taking part in a Vegetarian Festival parade!

The outside of the shrine has recently taken delivery of a number of large stone Chinese figurines.

Then there are the hanging bells which are very common in Buddhist Wats as well. Start at one end and then ring each bell in turn and this will bring you good luck and a blessing.

After this you can enter the very carefully adorned shrine (remembering to remove your shoes) - we visited on a very special day where there was a number of prayers being chanted by these two people dressed in white, something that I had not seen previously and not seen again.

We shook the sticks - Jemma love to do this - and then we threw the Moon Blocks (or Bwa Bwei 擲筊 Divination Blocks).

After this we lit the Joss stick and then stepped outside and burnt the paper offerings.

It was here that you find an enormous Female Chinese statue of the Goddess Guanyin and the beauty of this is that there is a building devoted to her and not what I normally see which is a part inside the shrine.

After a short prayer and the lighting of more incense we left to visit a local restaurant - รานสมตำเมองคอน สะพานหน - for some fabulous local food (review coming here).

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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Early morning Markets in Phuket

Early morning markets is something that everyone must experience once on their trip to Phuket and by early I don’t mean that you have to see the realllllly early – 6am to 7am.

The photographs here are of a specific market behind Robinson’s shopping mall in Phuket Town – there are understandably more to visit

Fresh produce is delivered in the early morning and is then prepared by the people in the market so this may not be the place to visit those who may be put off by raw meat being prepared.

There is not only the meat which is being prepared but there seem to be limitless amounts of shrimps of a number of sizes and even more fish.

Walking past this there are the stalls selling mountains of pastes for cooking – not sure how these pastes are made and I am not sure I want to but…

Then there are the rows of fresh vegetables that are always plentiful and certainly fresh and also the large selection of fresh fruits.

The preparation of the coconut is something that I always like to watch – marvelling at how they manage to do this without an accident.

Happiness and smiles can always be found from the ladies selling the fresh flowers.

Around the outside are a number of items for sale at very cheap prices – what I do find most interesting though are the live animals which are for sale to be let free later. There will be another post about the letting free of these animals.

Some of the birds are not for sale to be released however but they are for singing competitions.

After this it is time for breakfast and I would always say to visit a Dim Sum Restaurant….

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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Rang Hill - Restaurants, Temples, monkeys and more

Rang Hill is more than just a very steep hill - but it is steep!

I would actually advocate walking up it because there may be things which you would not see. Starting at the very bottom there is a wonderful Chinese Shrine called Sam Se Je Hud which is currently (June 2014) being made bigger.

As you begin to walk up the hill you will see a Buddhist Temple on the right, this does not receive a lot of media attention and it is not clear why. I have entered always with respect and I think that it is a place for teaching .

A little way up and then there is a Buddhist Cemetery - which has since been closed.

Then the journey begins - and it is steep - past Phuket View restaurant on your left and the first stop is on your left a a small gap in the trees (there are some steps) to a Fitness Park - the upkeep of this Fitness Park does not seem to be much but I feel exercising by walking up is enough!

After trying all the equipment out (quite old) then it is time for a drink and I would advocate going to the Tunka Cafe - it is open for lunch and dinner and have a fresh coconut or a cold Singha.

After this then there is a quick visit to the recently completed viewpoint - i did not see this at the time of writing - Jamie did.

Then there is another restaurant - Khao Rang Breeze restaurant as you begin to walk back and don't forget that there are monkeys on the hill and that there is usually someone there selling you food.

Note: there are some toilets here for 5 Baht.

This time the way down is the left hand road and this road winds slowly and take you to a wonderful Buddhist Temple called Wat Thepkajonjit.

Here there are two temples next to each other. One has an enormous meditating golden Buddha on it and usually monks praying in the room underneath.

Next to this is an enormous Wat with a number of scary looking spirits outside - this is the actual Wat Thepkajonjit.

Completing the walk down the hill will take you to the Yaowarat Rd...

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