Thursday, 4 January 2018

Wat Dit Hong Saram - วัดดิสหงษาราม

Wat Dit Hong Saram is near where I work and after a particularly difficult morning I decided to visit a Wat and this was the closest to me - at the end of a long road. Quite a simple but always impressive entrance.

The Wat was a very peaceful place and I tried to walk all the way around it - 

but quickly found that it backed onto a canal - so I couldn't go that way! I tried to walk into the temple from the side but I quickly hear the barking of dogs - so I walked calmly away.

This was a wonderful retreat for me and fulfilled what I needed - I even tried the noodle stand in front - tasty.

There was a popular statue in the corner of the temple - but I am not sure who it is.

After the noodles I left to return back to work - thank you. Here's some information and location.


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