Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Kao San or Khaosan Road

Chosen Road was somewhere I first visited when I was 16 years old and my parents lived in Bangkok. Returning 30 years later I did feel a little bit older but not a lot had changed...

The journey on the Tuk Tuk was fabulous and I think that the driver 'enjoyed' taking us here...

The popular book 'The Beach' famously described Khao San Road as "the centre of the backpacking universe". Judging by the truth-seeking travellers who converge here to shop, exchange tales and prepare for their next stint on the backpacker trail, it's a phrase that sums it up pretty much perfectly.

Packed into a 1km long strip are countless budget guesthouses and mid-range hotels, internet cafes, swanky bars and clubs, restaurants, massage parlours, travel agents, bookshops, market stalls, tattoo shops and much, much more. So much in fact, that the people, peddlers and party spirit have spilled over into nearby Soi Rambuttri. With its carefree, anything-goes vibe, it's quite unlike anywhere else in Bangkok, and so infectious is its atmosphere it's also popular with locals, especially young hipsters and art students.

The road is a succession of what I can describe as 'sometimes' and to some people 'always' popular clothing and accessories.

I would imagine that not a lot has change in 20 years - in fact it didn't feel like it had and I did feel old? Were they selling these bags when I visited.

They were certainly selling the bracelets...

Well I was with my wife now - I expect that this was the last think that I would have thought 20 years ago.

There were Scorpions on sticks for sale and no I did not try one...

Is this man thinking how he wants his hair?

What did get me though was the mess of the street stalls and we certainly did not stop there - we went back into Bangkok Centre for food...

Then there were these? Not sure what they were though?
They were still moving!!!!

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