Wednesday, 25 April 2018

ศาลเจ้ามูลนิธิธรรมกตัญญู - Samut Prakan

We saw ศาลเจ้ามูลนิธิธรรมกตัญญู (เสียนหลอไต้เทียนกง / 暹罗代天宫) when were travelling to 
Samut Prakan.  

Then when I began to try to find about it this I was quite struck with how little there was (or it was in Thai and/or Chinese). Apart from Richard Barrow who has also visited there.

The entrance is really quite un-dramatic.

Then on entering into an enormous courtyard the area is very large and the amount of buildings is extensive and off to the right is quite a large garden.

So we started in the gardens - beautifully maintained.

Even the lizard liked them.

The corridors blended with the garden.

Back into the main building - the corridors were immaculate.

and the areas between were immaculate.

And the doorways were exquisite.

The walk ways between some of the buildings were quite stunning.

Then the displays were very intricate.

Even the roofs were worth looking at.

Whilst you are looking up then their are some quite wonderful ceilings. This was certainly a wonderful Chinese Shrine to visit - thank you.


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