Friday, 23 March 2018

Wat Sitaram วัดสิตาราม

Wat Sitaram วัดสิตาราม is Bangkok and is near the last stop of the river taxi. 

The 'civil temple' was formerly known as Wat Khok Mu (Pigsty Temple). It has a number of Chinese influences if you look at the style of the roof and the glazed ceramics which are scattered throughout.

It is certainly a very photogenic temple - the temple has the typical snake wrapped all around it. 

The sides of the temple were well looked after.

Inside was wonderful.

Inside there are a great many Buddhist statues in a number of positions.

I could have kept taking photographs.

Protected by the usual warriors. It was really quite beautiful.

Then I left and went into the carpark - which was a wonderful surprise - there was still more sculptures.

This is certainly worth a visit.

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