Thursday, 29 March 2012

Sapan Hin - there is so much to see here

This is  known officially as the Sapan Hin Mining Monument, it is referred to in local parlance as “Wong Wian Hoi” which translates roughly as the Circle of Shell. Here there is an old dredger-shaped monument called, the “60 Year Mine Monument”, which was built on the headland at the southern end of Phuket Road in 1969. This commemorates one Captain Edward Thomas Miles, an Australian who brought the first metal ore-dredger to Phuket in 1909, hence the ‘60 year’ bit.
(text from windowonlifestyle)

Then there is a 'Nautical Museum' - it needs more investigation by me.

Then there is a walkway through a number of trees and mangroves.

Then there is a playground....

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Pay a visit.

Friday, 23 March 2012

Splash Jungle another visit

We visited Splash Jungle again last week and we had a marvellous time.

We arrived in the morning just after 10am just as they were opening up and this was certainly a good idea because the slides became quite busy after 11am.

Jemma loved going on the smaller slides – with a ring and without a ring – fabulous fun and the staff were very helpful and managed the people coming down the slides very carefully.

There were two larger slides that we could not try because Jemma wasn’t big enough…

We loved to drift around the park in the rubber rings and then we were able to choose which part of Splash Jungle we would explore next….

Jemma loved to play in the wave area and with her armbands on and she simply loved to bounce up and down on the waves. Click here for an older youtube post.  There are different types of wave patterns as well…

 The piece de résistance though is the children’s play park – wonderful fun.  Big splashes, small tunnels, slides and more…

You pay when you arrive and receive an armband for the locker and then all the drinks and food that you purchase are added to the number of your armband / locker.

Great fun – but earlier the better (10 am) opening.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

The Thavorn Hotel in Phuket Town – not just a hotel

Thavorn Hotel was the first hotel in Phuket AND with the first elevator – they have a new elevator now and the hotel is popular with local people during Songkran and the Vegetarian Festival.

I visited the Thavorn Hotel because I had just had a cup of coffee at the Gallery Café along the road from here. Walking into the hotel is like normal but then there are hotel items scattered around the lobby – a safe, a luggage rack and old photographs…

Paying 30 baht to the receptionist and they will open the ‘museum’ for you to peruse through.  The museum is a small room opposite the reception and is full of items which have a story to them:
the tiger feet fossil
the ceramic pillow....

the cinema projector
a lotus bowl 

The list is endless – worth a visit.


Sunday, 11 March 2012

Paramotoring at Sapan Hin

I have written about the exuberance of the men - being politically correct I should say people BUT I have never personally seen a woman take part in this activity - whilst they are parasurfing but this is even more...

Last week I was with my daughter picking up shells (and putting them back) on the beach at Sapan Hin when the roar of an engine startled us both.

This is a sport that I almost tried…

I did not know that I could ‘take part’ in this activity from Sapan Hin – more magic to an already magical place. 

Monday, 5 March 2012

Thni Kong Thua Shrine

images from the Phuket Gazette - permission requested
There is a small Chinese Shrine in Phuket that I believe that I have never visited - Thni Kong Thua Shrine - and I do so love to visit the splendour of Chinese Shrines!   This shrine is currently going to be renovated to be a new one (see below).

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The history of the Thni Kong Thua Shrine can be found on China