Thursday, 25 March 2010

Phuket Weekend Market - Talaad Thai-Rot

My parents were here and I used them as an excuse to go to the local market.  We live at the South end of Phuket so this was a market which was only 15 minutes away.The market is close to Central Festival in Southern Phuket; take the road leading towards Wat Chalong and take the second turning left to Wat Naka.   The market is opposite this lesser known Wat in Phuket – or ask a taxi driver – there are a lot of them waiting outside!!

The pleasure that I get here is that I am visit a market which is not for the tourist - it is not like Patong where there are a plethora of football shirts, Billabong shorts and the such like - a blog will be forthcoming,

The Local market is a myriad of smells, people, ages, noise and goods for sale. There are a plethora of traditional Thai market restaurants and some are not for the fainthearted – I still find ‘insects’ a difficult dish – I dare you to have a go. I always find something amusing – I am fascinated with the stall which has approximately 150 different TV remote controls but my wife loves the selection of children’s clothes.  

Jemma (my daughter) likes to go on the rides at the back of the market - a roundabout of cars; that is powered by a fan, the train on tracks and the bouncy castle.  As a parent I was a little worried about the chaos on the bouncy castle but Jemma could not get enough of it - we had to bribe her to come off – something for everyone.

If you are in Phuket over the weekend make sure you visit go early (5 pm) as the darkness descends by 6 pm and it is not a place I would relish losing my daughter.

A wonderful outing finished with a nibble at Black Canyon's Coffee Shop in Central.