Monday, 24 May 2010

Try a fish pedicure

UPDATE - Jemma loves to have a fish spa - upstairs in Tesco 
(click pic. for more photo)
NOTE in Singapore this is called fish "reflexology" - and costs 5 times as much..

I have to admit that I had had a couple of beers and the electricity went off - what did I have to lose, why not?

I had seen banks of these tanks in newspapers and in Phuket but never this close.  I had read a number of articles about it, but how could I have an opinion if I did not try it and NOW it was sooo close.

I approached with my 100 Baht at the ready and was accepted with great gusto by the Thai staff - I found out that I was their first guest!

So what was it like?  A tingling sensation whilst the fish grazed over my feet - would i go again - Yes!

Laugh all that you want - have a go! 
These guests did


Thursday, 20 May 2010

Hoop Takraw

I had taken my daughter out for a bicycle ride and we always end up at a market a park or both.  We were at the Laem-Chang park in Phuket Town when I noticed a group of tired looking youths sitting down on the ground.

I wondered whether they had been running as the park is ostensibly for children when I noticed an odd looking net strung high in the air.  The youths then jumped up and began to kick a woven ball around.

They were not allowed to use their hands to keep the ball in the air but they could use any other part of their body to keep the ball up - fascinating and talented people.

I found a blog about Hoop Takraw by a gentleman who had seen his locals playing it 
and Takraw was in the 2009 Asian Indoor Games.

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Thursday, 13 May 2010

Glittering Ya Ya - a celebration (13 - 19 May)

The Ya Ya celebration is a celebration of the origins of the culture of Phuket.    

The celebration will take place at the Central Festival just outside Phuket Town. There will be a fashion show, a cultural performance and more - from 4pm onwards. 

There will be the Peranakan Museum in Phuket Town which will allow you to explore the culture and the history of the Baba-Nyonya people.

For a greater explanation of the cultures and of the festival - visit here.
I missed was the Phuket Old Town Festival.

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Sunday, 2 May 2010

Underwater Scooters

What a trip - Joy Dive Phuket - this is certainly something that I would like to have a go at AND and excuse to try out an underwater camera.......

You can try these scooters off Coral Island, the South of the Phuket and is easy to get to from the Cape Panwa Hotel.

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Splash Jungle - our visit

UPDATE 3 - 1,495 Baht per adult 
to be a Splash Jungle Member is 1,299 Baht per year 
- for a Thai resident (with work permit)

What did my daughter (2 and 4 months) think? WONDERFUL.

We spent a morning at Splash Jungle and she had a great time - even allowing daddy to have a go on the rides without her.

Lazy River - a relaxing but fun.  The Wave Pool - fabulous fun. The Boomerango - this was Daddy's favourite. Igloo Sauna - this was lost on me. Kid's slides - harmless slides. Aqua Play Pool - so much to do for your little one - and there were surprises. Tube slide - what it says. Superbowl - I cannot remember this, an excuse to go again?

We did not have time for a nibble and a drink but there were a number of places where it was available.

A lot has been said about Splash Jungle - some of the comments can be read on a previous posting - and the saga is continuing on postings about this development.  The most interesting one being the Phuket Gazette posting.

Was it fun - YES.

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