Sunday, 30 October 2016

Rawai Beach and Seafood Market

Rawai beach was somewhere we visited because it usually on our way to somewhere else but very rarely do we stop for the beach - more for the restaurants along the beach - see my restaurant blog for this - Nikita's is our most popular stop here (for Thai or pizza).

This time we were to look at going onto the beach and we realised that there was a different type or restaurant there - a Bring Your Own. 

On the right there are a plethora of people selling fresh fish and then you take the fish to the restaurant on the left and then they cook it for you and I did not know how it worked (do you?) so we chose somewhere else.

Then there are a number of street shops selling the hanging shells...

Then the pearls...

Then I saw an elephant tusk - certainly not usual.

After this it meant a walk on the beach.

The sunset began to come down and we went to dinner at Baan Had Rawai.
The pier was beautiful as the sun began to come down...

Then the other side was beautiful - certainly a place to visit...

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Monday, 24 October 2016

Wat Ladthiwanaram (วัดลัฎฐิวนาราม)

This is a Buddhist Temple which we normally drive past on the way somewhere but we do not usually stop at. 

But one day we did did and what separated this Wat from many others was the small lake between the temple and the main road. 

I have been told that the original was built in 1758 but was moved to the site of Wat Chalong leaving the original site empty and used as a graveyard until 1903 when the temple was renovated and we have something quite special now (thanks Dawn).

I entered into the Wat, removing my shoes, and paid my respects - which I always feel we should do.

Friday, 21 October 2016

Chinese Temple Shopping

Never seen this guy with a book!
There are a number of Chinese Shrines in Phuket and I hope to visit them all. What is in the shrines though are all the figurines that are stacked inside.

I have tried to name them all here on this post but am still finding more icons.

In fact this is a brand new one which I do not think I have ever seen in a Chinese Shrine at all - have you?

The icons of the feminine are not very different at all 
- not sure what this tells me but is this Kuan Yin?

I have found that there are three Chinese figurines most commonly bought for the home are Fuk (meaning Harmony) Luk (meaning Power) and Sau (meaning Longevity) - recognised by carrying a peach and a walking stick BUT I did not find a set here...

I did find Lee Loh Chia though - recognised with the spear and the Gold Hoop.

Not sure who these are however.

Then I was more surprised to see the pieces which are used for the Phuket Vegetarian Festival - wow...

Then there were the spears and an axe...

Then the spiked balls and looking carefully the whips on the shelf on the left.

If you want the whole outfit then this is also here.

I even found a radio with the music they play on the morning of the Festival!

Sunday, 16 October 2016

John Gray Sea Canoe

If you take one trip on your visit to Phuket - this MUST be your choice.

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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Phuket Floating Market (closed)

Phuket Flaoting Market was opened in May 2016 and it wasn't quite finished when we visited in August - so it may have been finished since then.

The market (I believe) is actually built in one of the lakes that the Tin Mining left Phuket when it was no longer used to mine the tin. So it was a good idea to use it.

However this means that it is not like the Floating Markets that you may have visit in Bangkok however. I think that the market is actually floating but tethered so there is very little feeling of it floating.

But the best thing about it was that there weren't many people there yet so it was simple to walk about and there were no crowds coming off buses (yet).

There really wasn't anything different that you could buy in the Weekend Market but it was certainly more comfortable. But in turn this made the prices higher.

I add here that there was a tip on foursquare that it was closing early and at 7pm 80% of the shops were closed...

Opening Time: 10:00 - 22:00


Sunday, 9 October 2016

Kata Beach

Kata Beach is actually a very long beach with a number of with a number of hotels - we spent our Honeymoon at Mom Tri Royale, a lovely place. 

There did not seem to be many people when we visited (well the North End) - there was a lot of action there whilst we visited. As you can see we were quite close to the edge of the road.

But we spent most of our time running back and forth to the water.

Then coming back for a snack. We were offered food by sales persons walking past and we usually had the ice creams - the fried rice was no longer cooked on the beach but cooked on the other side of the food and they had a 'runner' for them. We lay there in the shade  or played in the ocean - but it is worth it.

BUT the South End seemed to be more occupied towards renting out the paragliding.

Always worth a go once and understand there are jet-ski but I am not so sure about that!

The whole of the east side of the island does have red flags during the year (between April and October usually) and I would suggest not swimming but thank you to the Lifeguards who have been there this year (2016).

We stayed close to the edge for the shade

whilst there were seats and umbrellas to rent. There is a Live Web Cam above the Foto Hotel (far above it) and there are also a number of hotels - thanks Jamie

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