Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Sarasin Bridge

We had a recent trip and we decide to off the island to Sarasin Bridge - not far from the airport. You would normally go over the bridge if you were travelling to Khao Lak and / or visiting Elephants. For us we were at the airport and it is only 10 minutes North.

As we drove past places we have visited (Splash Jungle and Sirinart National Park) I was taken with how big this expanse was. 

The bridge contains a road for cars and a walkway adjacent to it if one wanted to walk across - there is a story to go with this (see below)...

Sarasin Bridge

In 1970, the Sarasin Bridge was built to help connect Phuket Island to the mainland of Thailand. This enabled the tremendous expansion of trading between both areas and many merchants moved to Phuket and flourished together with the island’s prosperity. A true Phuket love story is written about Gew, a pretty Teachers’ Training College student and a local bus driver, Dam. Gew often took the route bus driven by Dam to her college and they enjoyed chatting with each other while on the bus.

Eventually, both Gew and Dam fell in love. But something always happens: Gew’s father was a rich businessman and strongly opposed their love and marriage. In desperation, Gew and Dam decided to bind themselves together in everlasting love so that no one could ever separate them. On the night of 22 February 1973, Gew and Dam tied themselves together with a large rock and jumped off the Sarasin Bridge to manifest their love. When their bodies were found, they were still bound together by one piece of Thai loin cloth. To this day, it is believed that all lovers can make a wish together when they are crossing the Sarasin Bridge. However, in order to have your wish come true, you need to hold your breath from one end of the bridge to the other end.

The only recognition to this story that we found these tied to some railings.

The bridge was maintained and this was a pleasure - walking along it was not easy - it was in the boiling sun. There were fishing vessels tied up underneath the road - swallows and other seabirds were in abundance. Looking at the small fish in the waters it was clear why there were so many.

It was worth walking into the middle to look at the beautiful view - you may want to visit Wat วัดท่าฉัตรไชย พระอุปคุต. We did.

There were restaurants at each end of the bridge (Thanoon Seafood and another) a review to come here timinphuket-restaurants

At the Phuket end of the bridge were small carts selling drinks and gifts.

At the other end was a big market which seemed to sell dried fish mainly (more later).

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Wat Khao Rang

Wat Khao Rang is a Buddhist Temple on the side of Rang Hill and I first knew it as Wat Thepkajonkit. Recently we I visited it and they had built a short cut across the hill - I no longer had to walk up the hill and then down the other side (much as i did enjoy my walks it was quite a difference).

So this time I approached the Buddhist statue straight on - it does look quite remarkable through the trees.

This time that I walked up the stairs it was very quiet - I think that it had just been raining, not that I understand why that makes a difference. On walking up the stairs beneath the Golden Buddha (remembering to remove my shoes) I was taken with the gentle serene feeling I get when I walk into Buddhist temples.

On reaching the top of the stairs you are immediately drawn to the physical size of the Buddhist statue - fabulous. At this point I chose to walk around it and was surprised to see that beneath the Buddhist statue was a small door into something that was dark.

Being alone and quiet I entered inside and I was immediately struck with the simple nature of this 'room'. There was a small place where offerings were laid, a poster of His Royal Highness and recent flowers.

It was at this point that I drew closer - the ceiling was covered in paintings murals of Buddhist on clouds - beautiful...

On leaving the 'special room' I was then taken with the two statues either side. I have seen both of these statues elsewhere. There will be more posts here because there is simply so much here to see

Previous Visits
 2) Nov 2012 - Wat  

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Monday, 18 May 2015

Wat Pranang Luadkhao changes

Wat Pranang Luadkhao has been a place I like to visit - I previously posted twice (part one and part two) because I had taken so many photographs.

So what is happening to it?

There does not seem to be much going on over the last two months?

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Wat Tham Sumano Sumano Cave

Phattalung was where my wife grew up so we visited there whilst visiting her family home - and I was told that we needed to visit the Sumano Cave Temple.

It might appear to be an old place but they are fairly new - since 1988.

It is actually a Meditation Centre and not strictly a Wat. 

There are two caves with the stalagmites and stalactites and the necessary bats and other animals - yes it was a little strage I have to admit BUT I did not see the ghost in the Buddha Cave however.

My biggest pleasure was watching the monks walk carefully across the floor in front of me.

I could have stayed longer but it was a little odd and our daughter was with us.


Friday, 8 May 2015

Sticky Rice In Bamboo (Khao Lham)

1) Sticky Rice in Bamboo (Khao Lham) 

Living in Thailand for a period of time you do eat the Local foods as the Locals prepare. 

I am asked a number of times whether I eat the food and I do indicate that I do. Then I am asked whether I think that it is safe for the tourist - I could not indicate this at all BUT I do think you should go and browse and think about it.

Khao Lham is often seen at the plethora of markets which are scattered throughout Phuket. 

Then there are the motorcycles carrying the prepared bamboo sticks around - some are cooked and some are not. I have not seen them take these prepared sticks and watch them cook them from the 'beginning' - all I am told is that they take a 'long time'. 

Not something for the personal barbecue then!

The bamboo is filled with the sticky rice, coconut milk, sugar and sometimes other things - black beans is the most usual.

What is the other thing? Ask the vendor to split the bamboo open before you take them as they are not easy to break, unless you have the knack of course - I made a terrible mess!

Oh and they are incredibly filling - so get one and share it!

Friday, 1 May 2015

Wat Yai Chai Mongol - Ayutthaya

It was an extremely peaceful place and certainly worth visiting.

Please recognise the sacred nature of the Buddhist statue and do not climb on it - but his is only written in English and Thai?

Early morning was certainly the time to go...