Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Chinese New Year Celebrations in Phuket Town

The Chinese New Year is certainly a celebration - we had a Chinese Dragon and firecrackers at work and then I was told that Chinese New Year lasts all month!

I decided to do a little research and found out that there was a big party in Phuket Town for three days and the roads were closed - so off I went.

A wonderful atmosphere - full of happy people - i could have asked for nothing more.

I wandered around trying to ascertain when the activities were - only to be told that the original timetable had been changed - but hey this is Thailand after all and it did nothing to dampen my spirits.

Where do I start - stalls with foods, bands playing, painted people walking the streets, children selling cloth bags, a sword fight and more.

Definitely worth a night out - a real pleasure.


Sunday, 14 February 2010

Get married - Congratulations Gerry and Emma

What can I tell you about Gerry and Emma’s special day………..

Emma had been planning this special day and arrived with only 2 pieces of A4 paper AND they were ready to let go of all organisation when we met.  Emma and Gerry said that the only thing that they had trouble with were the words of the ceremony – I could do that!!!

Emma’s wedding dress was pressed and Gerry had a shirt made, Emma had 2 massages (one was supposed to be Gerry’s) and then relaxed to be ready for their special day.

They prepared themselves by going on an elephant ride and then the trip of a lifetime – John Gray Sea Canoe.

The guests prepared themselves at Panwa House - and what an entrance it was!

Emma arrived with an elephant and was given away by her brother who they tell me was more emotional than she was!  The beach was alive with people and they cheered and clapped Emma as she walked along the beach – what a start.

They had a ceremony in Panwa House that could not be believed, with readings by their guests and tears and smiles from everyone. The guests on the beach cheered and clapped when they were showered with flowers at the end – you had to be there!

A special Valentine Dinner on the terrace of Top of the Reef for them all followed AND THEN they went to the beach to let off Spirit Balloons.

A beautiful day for them all – Congratulations Gerry and Emma


Saturday, 6 February 2010

San Chao Phor Suea (Tiger God Chinese Shrine)

Patong HIll connects Kathu and Patong and is certainly a long hill - not one that I have cycled over I have to add.

I have driven over this hill a number of times and the driver has always beeped their horns to show respect to the hilltop's guardian spirits.  I have never visited this shrine as there is nowhere to park - tell me if you do.  Jamie has visited the shrine.

Did you know that the films that they run on the hill are not for the locals 
but they are to entertain the spirits?

View Chinese Shrines in Phuket in a larger map

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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

'Splash Jungle' opens in Phuket - an UPDATE

UPDATE: The Splash Water Park in Phuket is OPEN TODAY

Not a good response from readers of the Phuket Gazette
but I will visit soon and write a report

Phuket Water Park - What an example of ........ living in Phuket - does anybody really know what is happening?

I think that I will ask the staff - they seem to know............

But what have i read - Phuket Wan.com (Dec 16 2009) - this is their photograph and text.
"The 500 million baht Splash Jungle, which covers 14 rai and includes an array of waterslides, seven mini-parks, a wave pool and a meandering lazy river of 345 metres, was due to open on December 20, with the West Sands Resort."

West Sands is the company building the accommodation - but they are not answering their phone.

So what were we told there would be? - one answer - West Sand's answer - an older answer - another answer - but what do we have today?
Please email me with any more news.