Saturday, 30 January 2016

Big Buddha

Big Buddha is a most popular place for tourists to visit and it is certainly is a place to visit and it just keeps getting bigger.

My friend Jamie visits it more regularly than me and certainly does take some great photographs. Here is Big Buddha's history.

Starting at the bottom it is a very steep hill and the only people that was up it are the Monks!

Below the Buddhist Statue is a large area where there are a number of things;

Buddhist Prayer

Alms bowls

Tiles to purchase which are then placed on the Big Buddha

Walking up the steps to the Big Buddha can be a quite difficult but I do love the bells that line the steps on each side. 

At the top this is repeated with more bells around the base of the Big Buddha. It is really quite special.

There is now the opportunity to actually go underneath it.

At the back is another Buddhist Monument.

But I don't know whether it will ever be finished as the diagram above shows. 

Previous Visits
 1) 2012  

For a bigger map click here 

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Baba Nest for a cocktail

Baba Nest is a lovely place to take someone if you want to make a good impression! 

I did have a guest propose to someone here (she said yes).

The view is really quite lovely - this was not in sunset...

The World’s most stylish and exclusive rooftop bar is now open serving Sri panwa’s delicious cocktails, alongside the sexiest sunset sessions. Baba Nest’s wrap around infinity pool surrounds the rooftop deck overlooking 360° panoramic views of the surrounding islands, Andaman Sea and Phuket’s Southeastern peninsula. An exclusive selection of high-end cocktails, fine wines and champagne should get the evening started.

When in Phuket, Baba Nest is a must visit. Open daily from 5pm to 9pm. 

Terms and visitor policy for visiting Baba Nest
* In case of rain, Baba Nest will be closed automatically.
* A minimum spend of THB1,000 net per person is applicable for all outside guests. This will be charged and the booking will be confirmed with a credit card authorization form. This is a non- refundable fee.
* Reservations will be held for 15 minutes after the original reservation time. This could be extended with advance notice by calling +66 7637 1008
* Due to any bad weather, the minimum spend could be transferred to be used at Baba Poolclub & Baba Soul Food.
* Bookings to be made no longer than 1 month in advance.  

Okay it's beautiful up there BUT remember to phone up to make a reservation and sometimes the bar is not open! The Bar also needed a deposit of 1,000 Baht per person - see the above text.

Monday, 18 January 2016

Bang Neow Chinese Shrine and it's figurines

Datuk Gong - Chinese Deity (i think)
The figurines in the Chinese Shrines is an attraction for me and there are so many of them! I started to try to do this previously when I visited Jui Tui Chinese Shrine and I haven't really got much further than then - but I will have a go.

I found a website with a list of Chinese God's names - but without full description and images.

Then another website I searched through...

Mysterious Lady of the 9th Heaven - I think 

Cai Shen - God of Wealth (i think)
Juan Ti -  God of War and Fortune Telling
So I have not been able to do this again...

The next post will be the corner of the feminine gods....

Figurines already named
 1) Le Loh Chia - leads the Phuket Vegetarian Festival
 2) Tsai Shen Yeh - God of Wealth
 3) Cheng Huang - Town God or Religious Magistrate 
 4) Sun Wukong - Monkey God
 5) Guang Gong

Friday, 15 January 2016

Entering the Monkhood

Entering the Monkhood is something that I was very lucky to be invited to. The ceremony was at  Wat Mongkol Nimit on the outskirts of Phuket Old Town.

There was the monk elaborately dressed welcoming guests. He was then taken to the Head Monk whilst we all ate something.

After this short meeting he returned to the group who then gathered together and began a short parade.

The parade took them into the grounds of the Wat.

Then around the sides.

Then back to the front. Here sweets and coins were thrown over the shoulders of the newly inducted monk.

The monk was then lifted over the opening into the Wat - touching the top and turning around to us.

Then the ceremony began inside. It was lovely to be witness to - thank you.


Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Kao San or Khaosan Road

Chosen Road was somewhere I first visited when I was 16 years old and my parents lived in Bangkok. Returning 30 years later I did feel a little bit older but not a lot had changed...

The journey on the Tuk Tuk was fabulous and I think that the driver 'enjoyed' taking us here...

The popular book 'The Beach' famously described Khao San Road as "the centre of the backpacking universe". Judging by the truth-seeking travellers who converge here to shop, exchange tales and prepare for their next stint on the backpacker trail, it's a phrase that sums it up pretty much perfectly.

Packed into a 1km long strip are countless budget guesthouses and mid-range hotels, internet cafes, swanky bars and clubs, restaurants, massage parlours, travel agents, bookshops, market stalls, tattoo shops and much, much more. So much in fact, that the people, peddlers and party spirit have spilled over into nearby Soi Rambuttri. With its carefree, anything-goes vibe, it's quite unlike anywhere else in Bangkok, and so infectious is its atmosphere it's also popular with locals, especially young hipsters and art students.

The road is a succession of what I can describe as 'sometimes' and to some people 'always' popular clothing and accessories.

I would imagine that not a lot has change in 20 years - in fact it didn't feel like it had and I did feel old? Were they selling these bags when I visited.

They were certainly selling the bracelets...

Well I was with my wife now - I expect that this was the last think that I would have thought 20 years ago.

There were Scorpions on sticks for sale and no I did not try one...

Is this man thinking how he wants his hair?

What did get me though was the mess of the street stalls and we certainly did not stop there - we went back into Bangkok Centre for food...

Then there were these? Not sure what they were though?
They were still moving!!!!

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Getting a tattoo in Phuket

Getting a tattoo is not something for everyone BUT if you do want one I found a article about this from

7 Best Tattoo Studios in Phuket   

1- Golden Needle (Phuket Town)

2 - INK Tatoo (Bangtao)

3 - Aussine Tattoo (Patong)

4 - Old Man Tattoos (Phuket Town)

5 - Siam Ink (Patong)

6 - Patong Tattoo Mit + Wat 

7 - Celebrity Ink Tattoo (Patong)

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Chinese Spirit House for your home

Walking through Phuket Town I am always struck by the amount of wall mounted Chinese Spirit Houses are scattered throughout the town - well after reading the literature and visiting the Phuket Thai Hua Museum and attending the Baba Weddings I guess I shouldn't be.

What can be gained by walking carefully throung Phuket Town is how many are still mounted on the walls.

Some are clearly very new.

Some are older but are clearly still in use.

All of them adding character to Phuket Old Town.