Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Things to do when it rains - Tenpin bowling

Rock and Bowl, Soi Kepsub 2, Sai Nam Yen Road, Patong. Phone No. 076 - 345 165
Jung Ceylon Bowling, Patong.
CS Bowl Centre, Top Floor, Big C, Chalermprakiat Road, Phuket Town.
Pearl Bowling, Pearl Hotel, Montree Road, Phuket Town. Phone No. 076 - 211 418


Sunday, 23 September 2012

Wat Koh Sirey

Koh Sirey is to the East of Phuket Town - it is not actually an Island but there is a very big bridge that you can cross to visit the Island.  I visited Koh Sirey previously to feed the monkeys at Monkey Seeing, we visited here again to visit the Wat on the top of the hill.

After feeding the monkeys we continued further into the island to look for the road to the hill. After several mistakes and feeling that we were lost we found a road which took us to Wat Koh Sirey...

The 'first' Wat was at the bottom of the hill and we were unable to enter, because the fence around the outside were locked. However the monks pointed us in the correct direction - up a steep hill which we had to walk, although a tuk-tuk driver was able to drive all the way up?

There was a peaceful pool and then the road was rather steep...

As we were halfway up there were some Buddhist statues and rooms set back from the road - I investigated and there were some deserted rooms, I think that they may have been previously for monks.

As we came to the top Wat Koh Sirey peered through the trees, we found a geo-cache and progressed up the steep stairs - the stirs were very steep and we stopped halfway to bang on a hanging drum. We then progressed further and came upon a large temple perched on the top of the hill.

In the temple was something that we did not expect - the enormous reclining Golden Buddha - peaceful was something that I felt.

After kneeling at the Buddha we walked outside and saw the statuettes surrounding the Wat. We found that we a were able to walk completely around the Wat - the views were beautiful and breath taking. We walk down but as we walked down we found that there were more Buddha images circling the Wat.

Definitely worth a trip.

View Buddhist Temples in Phuket in a larger map

More information can be found from Phuket Index.com and Willy at Phuket 101.

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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Ao Yon

Ao Yon is very close to our home so it is easy to visit.  The last event there was a National Youth Games which was clearly a lot of fun.

I chose to walk around the Bay with the waves crashing on to the rocks.

Then there is a small bridge that takes you over the Klong to the Cape - beautiful. But there is nothing on the Cape - you can walk carefully around the Cape (which is not for everyone) and watch the surf crashing onto the rocks.

There are 2 small restaurants here as well.

There is also a small waterfall close by...

Friday, 14 September 2012

Hok Ngoun Kung Chinese Shrine

Hok Ngoun Kung Chinese shrine is set back from Surin Circle.  The shrine was built in 1926 and actually replaced a shrine that suffered a fire and was destroyed – where this original shrine was placed I am unable to confirm.

What is special here is a crafted image of Ju Su Kong – which is why many of the locals refer to this shrine as Ju Su Kong Shrine. The image is all that was recovered after the fire in the original temple. Ju Su Kong is a diety but was a sheep farmer who chose to become a monk at a young age. He was very aware of the local needs an became involved in a number of public projects so was given a new title ‘Supreme Patriach’.

BUT i can't find it!

Please - out of respect to the religion please remember to remove your shoes if you enter into the shrine.

At the circle is also the best Hokkien Noodle Shop in Phuket Town - wonderful and full of flavour BUT go early because it will be full of all local workers - Mee Ton Poe.

Then there is the best coffee shop in Phuket Town for a Cappuccino across the road from it - Circle Coffee Boutique.

Then there is a CD and DVD shop on the circle - all very convenient

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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Things to do when it rains - Nail Art

Well this may not be the thing for everybody to do but whilst your family are having their nails done you can always be sitting in a coffee shop somewhere?

My daughters favourite is Nail Art on the top of Tesco, just outside Phuket Town.

I have heard good things about W's Nail Spa opposite Ocean Plaza in Phuket Town.

a phuket concierge

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Por Tor Festival 2012 - The Last Day

What started out quietly did not end quietly.

The Por Tor Ceremony is a special Festival in Phuket Town which is called "The Hungry Ghost Festival". 

The Chinese Community (which is quite large in Phuket Town) believe that the spirits of their dead ancestors come back each year and so the cakes are made to feed them, turtles because they indicate a long life and red for prosperity. There are a number of postings which can tell you more if you are interested.

What was different this year was that there was a parade from Sapan Hin organised for the last day.  There were a great many girls dressed in Chinese costumes and after some fire crackers were lit it was time to leave. Thanks to the staff from the TAT in Phuket Town for their red turtle kanoms.

We paraded from Sapan Hin into Phuket Town and we ended at Por Tor Kong Shrine - passing by more turtles for sale and people watching us.

At Por Tor Kong Shrine there was unquestionably 
'Organised Chaos'...

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Phuket Botanic Gardens

Phuket Botanic Gardens is somewhere which I came upon by gazing out of the window whilst Chuen was driving. It is not the best sign posted place in Phuket and there was one car parked outside when we visited (July 2012).

What I was most impressed with was the layout - if you were interested - we were - you could wander around - we were here for approximately 2 and a half hours - we did find the coffee shop adjacent to a small running stream. There were a great number of statues scattered throughout the garden which contribute to the calm atmosphere

Then we came across the waterfall - now this was fun and certainly not calm.

There are 30 different zones which can be explored and there were certainly a number of different species to investigate; including these gardens; Herb, Sufficient, Orchid, Fern Cactus, Rain, Japanese, English, Bali, Lily and Palm.

We did buy some cacti to take home.

Then there was the Butterfly Garden as well - Jemma loved this zone but if you are a Butterfly addict then I suggest you visit Phuket Butterfly Garden.

There was an interesting shop with furniture in but I could not see the connection? We did not try the small cafe, another time perhaps?

Email: info@phuketbotanicgarden.com
Phone Number: 076 367 076
Address: 98/89 Mu4 Chao Fa Rd, Chalong Subdistrict, Phuket 83130
Hours: 09:00 - 18:30 (closed Wednesdays)
The price for entry is; Adult = 500 Baht, Child = 300 Baht

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Things to do when it rains - cinema

Okay - after being asked this (more than once) I am going to write up a number of things that I do. So what did we do yesterday?

Go to the cinema.
There are currently 3 cinemas in Phuket to choose from 
 - Central / Jungceylon / Robinson.
Phone No: SFX Coliseum Cinema Phuket 076 209 000
                SFC Jungceylon Phuket 076 600 555

How about the App for the SF cinema timetables?

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Sang Tham Chinese Shrine

I did not know previously but this shrine was built originally in 1891 and was referred to as Chin Jia Keng Shrine but is now Sang Tham Shrine - The Eternal Light of Dharma

Since then  small shrine which has been undergoing an enormous amount of reconstruction and renovation and not finished yet but it certainly is looking good.

There is a lot of time spent on the actual shrine itself but there are three specific improvements that are superb. 

One improvement is the placing of the original Shrine (constructed in 1891) inside a glass mausoleum type building and the other is the walls from the entrance to the shrine and the building surrounding the area in front of the shrine.

What I was excited to see were the portable shrines that play such an important part of the Vegetarian Festival - but after all this painting and care taken I do wonder how they feel when people throw fireworks at them?

The shrine was given the Conservation Award by Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn in 1987.

Previous visits
 2) February 2014 - Shrine Tour

For a bigger Google Map click here