Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Hock Hoe Lee (Phuket Town)

Hock Hoe Lee is an original Phuket Coffee Roaster in the heart of Phuket Old Town.

Found 1958 by Cheng Long, a chinese immigrant,
The store is located in Phuket Town next to fresh market.

HOCKHOELEE was firstly mainly sold coffee to tin mining workers.
Due to its exceptional taste & aroma, it too become popular amoung Phuketians.

In late 60s' it began producing Phuket tea by using Ceylon tea leaf.
HOCKHOELEE tea surprisingly became widely famous among Phuket islanders,
just like its fresh roasted coffee. 

50 years later, by the 3rd generation of the family,
it has started roasting premium coffee for espresso drinks.
'Beautiful coffee' is what people refer to.

To this date,
HOCKHOELEE continues to do its hard work as it always has been,
producing best coffee and tea possible.

(text is from their website)

But I took these photographs and then it was changed.

Good Luck with the makeover.

Friday, 25 March 2016

Thavorn Hotel / Museum

The Thavorn Hotel (updating with this link?) was one of the first hotels in Phuket Town (with the On On Hotel) - there were similarities but with the recent remodelling of the On On Hotel the Thavorn Hotel certainly feels older today.

There are a great many interesting things culturally in Phuket but I do like this one. The museum might not be open (or lights on) when you arrive. 

When you walk through into the front (the Reception Desk on the right) there is a door to the left which may or may not be open.

Which hotels use these still...

The cost was still 30 Baht to enter - there does not seem to be very much more  than the last time I visited but this time I did look a lot more closely and goodness me we are very lucky that this has been kept.

Keep looking when you come out - turn to the left to the 'Boardroom'.

There are interesting pictures on the wall - from the date of my birth!!

It is certainly something to visit the list of interesting things is quite endless -  if you are interested.  

The list is endless – worth a visit. 'Thavorn Hotel - a quirky museum' - please have a look.

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 1) March 2012


Saturday, 19 March 2016

Think Positive - 'Kit Dee'

Think Positive is an interesting place to go shopping in Phuket Town.

I could not explain what everything is there and if it is not Thai but it was certainly interesting!

This multi-national shop has a massive collection of goods from Japan, China, India, Burma, and Thailand. From quirky ornaments and Kashmir wool, to Chinese silk gowns and Buddha’s heads, the unusually broad collection of items can only fully be appreciated if you see it for yourself. Bargain with the shop assistant for the best deals.
text is from

But the again Phuket Town is interesting but not for everyone...

Also along Yaowarat Road is Think Positive – a fascinating emporium of Japanese, Chinese, Burmese, Thai, and Indian knick-knacks and clothes. Here, you’ll be able to examine a vast collection of Buddha image heads, Chinese and Japanese silk gowns, wooden painted ornaments and woven boxes costing between 900 – 1,400 baht. Of course you can bargain with the Burmese shop assistant but the real deal can only be done when the boss is there. Piles of Kashmir wool and rough Thai silk await you at the entrance and Think Positive has more items for sale than it can count. This is a very interesting shopping experience.
text is from

I was not allowed to take photographs in there so these are quick snaps...

Think Positive is in this list of 5 interesting shops in Phuket Town.

Approximate Price: $$$$$
Address: 15 Yaowarat Rd, Phuket Town
Hours: 9am - 9pm

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Wat Phananchoeng (วัดพนัญเชิงวรวิหาร) - Ayutthaya

Wat Phananchoeng is actually referred to as a Buddhist Temple and a Historical Site on the east bank of the Chao Phraya River at the south-eastern side of the confluence of the Chao Phraya and Pa Sake rivers.

It really is quite lovely - it is a Buddhist temple in the city of Ayutthaya, Thailand. The main feature is the enormous golden Buddha in the main building.

At the bottom of the statue it really is quite lovely.

Prayers are often made at the bottom of this.

It is a popular tourist attraction so it might be quite busy but with predominantly Thai visitors - in terms of Historical interest the first building of the temple was in 1324 - some 26 years before the city of Ayutthaya was officially found! (It is next to the main river so there is always something adjacent to see.)


Monday, 7 March 2016

Telegraph Hill

Telegraph Hill is an interesting place to visit because there is so much there.

พ่อตาโต๊ะแซะ or Po Ta To Sae Shrine is a very small Chinese Shrine on the way to top of Telegraph Hill - it is a different Chinese Shrine because it is also has images from the Muslim religion. 

Along the way to the top there are wild monkeys (so it is also referred to as 'Monkey Hill') but also has wild pigs and dogs on it - so be careful.

On the top is a radio broadcasting station and at the bottom is a Wat Charoen Samanakit.

But this particular post is slightly different because there was a recent addition - on the hill there also seems to be a site where temples or shrines are 'retired'.

It is recognised that that it would be bad luck if the old shrine was simply 'discarded' - so this means that there are sites scattered throughout Phuket which are these 'sites'.

This sign makes it clear that this area is reserved for this activity.

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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

111 Phuket Art Gallery

Phuket Old Town is a wonderful place to visit and is always changing. Along with all the coffee shops there are now a number of artists. 

111 Phuket Art Gallery is one of them - it is a showcase for 4 of them.

"If you are searching for the best local and international art in Phuket.111 
Phuket Art Gallery is one of the most popular gallery in Phuket.

Its mission is to provide you with numerous collections of beautiful artworks created by the most talented artists.

We created 111 Phuket Art Gallery as a unique place where art lovers and collectors meet with artists and their original paintings.

111 Phuket Art Gallery was showcase the paintings from four professional thai artist"