Monday, 24 May 2010

Try a fish pedicure

UPDATE - Jemma loves to have a fish spa - upstairs in Tesco 
(click pic. for more photo)
NOTE in Singapore this is called fish "reflexology" - and costs 5 times as much..

I have to admit that I had had a couple of beers and the electricity went off - what did I have to lose, why not?

I had seen banks of these tanks in newspapers and in Phuket but never this close.  I had read a number of articles about it, but how could I have an opinion if I did not try it and NOW it was sooo close.

I approached with my 100 Baht at the ready and was accepted with great gusto by the Thai staff - I found out that I was their first guest!

So what was it like?  A tingling sensation whilst the fish grazed over my feet - would i go again - Yes!

Laugh all that you want - have a go! 
These guests did