Friday, 23 December 2011

Wat Chalong Buddhist Temple (2012)

There are a plethora of Buddhist Temples scattered throughout Phuket.  The Buddhist Temple which is most commonly visited is Wat Chalong which is in the South end of Phuket.

So how do you pray? I have been asked this a number of times so have a look here.

After you pray and ask for good luck then have a wander around the temples and try to follow the stories painted on the walls.

If you want to ask for good luck you can always light some fire-crackers.

Then it is time for a drink - my favourite being a fresh coconut.  Once refreshed there are a number of 'market style shops' that you can visit for those bits and pieces.

Whilst you visit here it is worth wondering whether you should visit Big Buddah because it is very close to here?

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