Thursday, 9 February 2012

Antiques, Décor, Silver, Boutique Fashion…

This shop is on Rasada Road in Phuket Town and is certainly worth a browse.

The shop has a very small shop front and I almost missed it as I wandered past the multitude of little shops with unassuming entrances. 

As I walked in I felt as if I had found somewhere very special, the room was adorned with a plethora of what I thought were antiques – from the Chinese frogs on the table tops, the Buddha images, the elephant table sashes and the silk pillows.

Then as I delved further I found a dark blue iron gate that led even further into the building – here there were more objects that were all immaculately displayed.

But I have to admit to meeting no one, not seeing a price tag but leaving with a smile that I had seen something very special.