Thursday, 29 March 2012

Sapan Hin - there is so much to see here

This is  known officially as the Sapan Hin Mining Monument, it is referred to in local parlance as “Wong Wian Hoi” which translates roughly as the Circle of Shell. Here there is an old dredger-shaped monument called, the “60 Year Mine Monument”, which was built on the headland at the southern end of Phuket Road in 1969. This commemorates one Captain Edward Thomas Miles, an Australian who brought the first metal ore-dredger to Phuket in 1909, hence the ‘60 year’ bit.
(text from windowonlifestyle)

Then there is a 'Nautical Museum' - it needs more investigation by me.

Then there is a walkway through a number of trees and mangroves.

Then there is a playground....

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