Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Po Ta To Sae Shrine - พอตาโตะแซะ

Po Ta To Sae Shrine is a Chinese Shrine which is not always visited because it is not in the most obvious place.

The hill in Phuket Town is the hill where you can see a great number of Thai people choosing to walk up it in the late afternoon  I never have though.

As you begin up the hill you will see Wat Chaoroen Samankit carefully tucked away on the left hand side (coming in another post). As you start to drive up the hill you will notice that the number of monkeys in the trees and people jogging up the tree begins to increase.

The road flattens half way up and you can visit "Green Forest Restaurant" - a reasonable Thai restaurant with a great view. 

It is here that you will see Po Ta To Sae Shrine. This is a small and old Chinese shrine  - undergoing some renovation in 2012 - and a smaller Chinese shrine adjacent to it. I could find very little information the shrine but if you are travelling around Phuket Town this second hill (Rang Hill has a lot more written about it). The shrine was initially a shock because it has some of the old Sanskrit symbols on the wall - I thought that the shrine had been defaced with Nazi symbols.

You can then visit "Monkey Observation Fitness Park".

View Chinese Shrines in Phuket in a larger map

As you reach the top (there is some building work on the way) you will reach a radio and a television relay station. An interesting hill.

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