Friday, 12 April 2013

Phuket Indy Market

We visited Phuket Indy Market because we were in Phuket Town for the start of the Chinese Festival

The Indy Market has been running for approximately two or three years, I don't know I am not sure, we did visit previously but it now seems to be a very smooth operation and the focus of them is clearly the 14 year olds and up and it is very successful.

I do not know what was not available for sale here - apart from NO alcohol and cigarettes.

So what was there - i took some photographs? Do you want to buy a hat, have your nails done, eat some street food, buy a hamster (we did), paint a toy, buy some second hand shoes - the list is enormous.

It was a lovely experience - the ambience was wonderful - whether it was because there was no smoking and drinking alcohol allowed and the Wi-Fi was free?

Open on Thursday and Fridays in the evenings - from about 4 pm...

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