Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Phuket Gibbon Rehabilitation and Bang Pae Waterfalll

There has been so much bad press about this organisation that I felt that it was necessary to post another blog - my previous posts were over a year ago.

We visited here more recently with the Phuket Butterfly Release but they did not have one in 2013 - maybe they will have another in 2014?

The organisation are trying to reintegrate the Gibbons (and other animals) back into the wild. Many of the animals are found from the 'street people' who feel that it is a good idea to parade with an animal on their shoulder (not just gibbons now) and ask people to give them money to have a photograph...

I hope that the tourist stops wanting to have their photo taken with these wild animals - but isn't that what I did when I took Jemma to Tiger Kingdom

What is the difference?

Walk up Bang-Pae Waterfall whilst you are there, have lunch at Preang-Prai restaurant and if you are feeling adventurous walk to the Ton-Sai Waterfall BUT didn't I recently read about the tourists who got lost there recently? Next time I think that I will take a Geocache?

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Please remember to leave a donation as the entrance fee to the National Park does not mean the money goes to the support of the Gibbon Rehabilitation Project.

Previous visits 
 2) July 2010
 3) June 2009