Wednesday, 4 June 2014

The Upside Down House and Maze

The Upside House (Ban Teelanka) and Garden Maze is exactly what it says - it is an Upside House and there is a maze 'out the back'.

The confusion begins when you enter the house (remember shoes off outside) and then you enter into the attic!

Carefully walking up the stairs (?) you enter the bedrooms and the bathroom. Prepare to be bewildered and confused - imagine it - the whole house is physically upside down and objects are stuck to the ceilings and to the walls.

Then imagine how bewildering to be part of this upside down architecture - very bewildering indeed.

Look at all these pictures and then think of how they were taken and I really think that there should be a guide to how to take your photographs. Here is an outline - 

1) Frame your photograph so that it envelopes the items which indicate that your subject is upside down

2) Try to wait until there is nothing distracting behind the subject in the photograph (or move so there is nothing).

3) If you are using a phone and sharing on facebook / foursquare / twitter / social media immediately the rotate your phone so the image is already upside down.

After this confusion then have fun in the maze... it is fun.

Tip: keep one hand on the side of the maze and you will eventually find the exit.

Willy visited recently and his photographs do very well to share the fun.

Location: 51/11 Moo 5, Bypass Road
Phone: 076 376 245
Times: 8:00 to 17:00
WiFi code: Teelanka
Cost: Upside down - Adult 290 Baht + Child (3-12) 170 Baht
Cost: Maze - Adult 150 Baht + Child (3-12) 100 Baht
Twitter: @baanteelanka
Instagram: #baanteelanka

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