Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Early morning Markets in Phuket

Early morning markets is something that everyone must experience once on their trip to Phuket and by early I don’t mean that you have to see the realllllly early – 6am to 7am.

The photographs here are of a specific market behind Robinson’s shopping mall in Phuket Town – there are understandably more to visit

Fresh produce is delivered in the early morning and is then prepared by the people in the market so this may not be the place to visit those who may be put off by raw meat being prepared.

There is not only the meat which is being prepared but there seem to be limitless amounts of shrimps of a number of sizes and even more fish.

Walking past this there are the stalls selling mountains of pastes for cooking – not sure how these pastes are made and I am not sure I want to but…

Then there are the rows of fresh vegetables that are always plentiful and certainly fresh and also the large selection of fresh fruits.

The preparation of the coconut is something that I always like to watch – marvelling at how they manage to do this without an accident.

Happiness and smiles can always be found from the ladies selling the fresh flowers.

Around the outside are a number of items for sale at very cheap prices – what I do find most interesting though are the live animals which are for sale to be let free later. There will be another post about the letting free of these animals.

Some of the birds are not for sale to be released however but they are for singing competitions.

After this it is time for breakfast and I would always say to visit a Dim Sum Restaurant….

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